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Forward child has a slight memory leak

September 30th, 2023

I noticed this on stern, after running a forwarder for 31 days since august.

_ddd     61913  0.0  1.2 117548 99700 ??  Spc    30Aug23    2:36.88 delphinusdns
d: FORWARD engine [forward] (delphinusdnsd)

It is nearly 100 MB large, but doesn't have RR's to match that:

root@stern# dddctl dumpcache -I forward|wc -l
dumping cache

Next week I'm slowly starting to look into delphinusdnsd again and may take a look at this then.


Update: Haven't programmed DNS in a while

September 18th, 2023

Just want to say I haven't disappeared and not writing DNS stuff in September is rare. I actually am trying to port OpenBSD to Mango Pi hardware. And this took a good 2 weeks of my time right now. I also got another RISCV computer and I'll be setting it up shortly. I have a new image on the website and moved the credits image to about.html, I like it very much.

There is still a little bit to do until November/December (6th at latest) for the 1.8 release. I'm very happy we've come this far. I'll probably use up September for some maintenance tasks and get coding again in early October. Also I'm very anxiously awaiting on Jury decision of this Prototypefund. Search the blog, this is my third time applying. Fingers crossed!


Github, the 2FA debacle

August 30th, 2023

There is some concern about 2FA on Github. All I know is that if I am required to have a smartphone or do any other 2FA beyond my ssh key that I'll be leaving github. This isn't just yet, but how it'll go down is that a preliminary release will be made. (either 1.7.x or 1.8.0) and then another 1.8 release in december. All eyes are on Microsofts github now. We'll see what happens next. If this scenario falls true I'll set up a gotwebd on one of my servers and continue development there.


1.8 Release is probably around December 6th to be safe

August 30th, 2023

I'm planning ahead and it's almost september. There is roughly 13 weeks left of development for this year. The TODO still has three or four things so I'm pretty well set for things. 1.8 is gonna rock!


An insight to delphinusdnsd's future

August 21st, 2023

So I'm very excited that there is only 1 year and roughly 3-4 months left in the Open Source portion of delphinusdnsd. I'll be turning 48 years old in march 2024 and here is my plan for the future.

  1. between march 2024 and october 2024 there may be a chance for funding through I applied to this a week or two ago. The work focuses on DNS Updates.
  2. end of 2024 marks the 1.9.0 release date at which this project is also at an end for me, for the time being.
  3. between 2025 and 2027, I'll be porting delphinusdnsd to edwin on windows which is closed source but may be available for cheap in a microsoft app store.
  4. between 2027 and 2029, I'll be working to incorporate delphinusdnsd into a DNS based firewall similar to The edwin client will come in handy for this (it will be made for this). Unless DNS4EU squeezes these types of networks out, there is a chance to make some money here. I'll be age 53 which is a magic DNS number due to the domain service port.
  5. Also after the edwin project I may either take on another project or go ahead with the 2.x major version on delphinusdnsd we'll see.
  6. Beyond 2030... is written in the stars. Perhaps I'll come alive in 2037 shortly to fix up any Y2038 problems that may be found.
Wow it really is my life's work/effort.


New RR's on my TODO

August 18th, 2023

A friend added the OPENPGPKEY RR to his zone, so I want to eventually support that for him. I also added the SMIMEA and CERT RR's onto my TODO which I'll be doing in parallel. The work is about 2-7 days and I'll start next friday when temperatures are to my liking. Until then I'll work on something else. Did you notice I improved the not-well-known dddctl dumpcache command for forwarded and cache'd RR's? I also added a wrap6to4 option to forwarding for my Samsung TV, but I don't know if it made it much better. Basically I see the TV making AAAA lookups when it's not even IPv6 capable. Odd thing.


NSEC RR is now supported

August 8th, 2023

It seems to have implemented faster than I had imagined. There you go!


NSEC work is heating up

August 6th, 2023

This weekend I was able to pull out and complete old patches and relive deadened code. It looks like by next week (perhaps on sunday) we'll have full NSEC support in both the daemon and the signer. I'm hoping that someone can then use delphinusdnsd from the master branch as a secondary/replicant. I have limited time next week but the weekend next weekend looks good.

From the start DNSSEC signing in dddctl was done with NSEC3 records to prove NXDOMAIN and such things as NOERROR and NODATA for proof of nonexistance. I avoided NSEC purposely then because I didn't want to use it. Now though I see domains such as use NSEC still and it makes me want it too. Soon we'll get it!

0 comments type NXDOMAIN answers are fixed

August 4th, 2023

I just put the code in and compared it with nsd outputs and The dnsnames I checked too were, and Sorry for the seven day wait on this.


Just a heads up, the issue isn't fully fixed

July 29th, 2023

I'll have to take a look on this on monday. While '''' has no SERVFAIL. The '''' does have a SERVFAIL. This code is feisty to get right.


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