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Seasons Greetings we got a XMAS Tree!

December 12th, 2019

Christmas is in 12+1 days (depending where you live). It's only proper that we provide a christmas tree to lay our presents under. I got one! It exploits the fact that dddctl query does not filter escape codes (will be fixed in 1.5.0 hopefully). Here is the xmas zone in case you wanted to use it:

zone "xmas" {
        xmas,txt,86400,"        ^[[32m^[[31;1m*^[[32m^[[0m"
        xmas,txt,86400,"       ^[[32m***^[[0m"
        xmas,txt,86400,"      ^[[32m**^[[31;1m*^[[32m**^[[0m"
        xmas,txt,86400,"     ^[[32m*^[[31;1m*^[[32m*****^[[0m"
        xmas,txt,86400,"    ^[[32m******^[[31;1m*^[[32m**^[[0m"
        xmas,txt,86400,"   ^[[32m***^[[31m*^[[32m*******^[[0m"
        xmas,txt,86400,"        ^[[33m*^[[0m"
Have a merry time! And please, don't drink and drive!


Exactly 21 days left for 1.4.0

December 10th, 2019

Seasons Greetings! We're on schedule for the 1.4.0 release in exactly three weeks. There is stuff that I'm aware isn't working right (like proper tsig responses), and if they don't make it in for 1.4.0 then they won't be in until 1.5.0. That's just the matter of fact. I'm testing delphinusdnsd on as many platforms and architectures as possible and every time I do I find something new that's either a bug or lacking. Realistically I don't have time to start any grand new things in these last three weeks. In exactly 2 weeks is christmas eve. This will be an interruption of a few days too.


AXFR's broken for the last 4 days, Sorry

December 10th, 2019

Revision 1.89 in delphinusdnsd.c broke descriptor passed AXFR's. Tomorrows snapshot should have the fix. If you used a different port than 53 as an AXFR port then it would have still worked. Unearthed when I wanted to try out drill on FreeBSD/arm with my raspberry pi. This took the entire morning in debugging and code reading to find the bug. I finally found it with a diff between December 5th snapshot and todays snapshot.


Working on porting fixes to Linux

December 7th, 2019

Yesterday I got my Raspberry Pi (v1) out and did some changes to the Linux port of delphinusdnsd. This morning when testing the snapshot changes I noticed I broke it. So tomorrows snapshot should work again. Fixes include:

  • TCP should work (fixed yesterday)
  • setproctitles's shouldn't chain (fixed today)
  • some changes to have less warnings on compile in Linux
  • ...
I have reflected all these changes on which is a scaleway ARM bare-metal host. Good thing I didn't put it in production yet. But you can test it at port 2053 there. Cheers!


December is almost here

November 30th, 2019

December means there is only about 2-3 weeks of testing left before I package it all into a tarball and checksum it for the 1.4 release. This doesn't mean I sit here waiting for that moment. Currently I'm patching the delphinusdnsd against unaligned accesses as found on a MIPS64 machine of mine. In the process it revealed that there is a problem with TSIG signing on the server side. I've spent 24 hours on this problem already, it seems to be a byte order translation problem because it pops up on another big endian host but I haven't pinned it down yet. On little endian architectures the problem doesn't show up. Which is weird because all values involved in the signing process have to be big endian anyhow. Odd. This problem will take me into next week. Thats the status update on the "testing".

Have a merry first advent as we count down the weeks to christmas.

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Don't install version 1.3 and below anymore

November 28th, 2019

Seasons greetings! I'm on the end run for testing 1.4. The version 1.3 is totally outdated and it doesn't make sense anymore to install it. Be part of the testing and install a snapshot if you want to try delphinusdnsd. The 1.4 release will be on or before december 31st. Next week I'm going to try to run delphinusdnsd entirely off all my nameservers. If it unearthes any bugs, I'll be fixing those within reasonable time. Have a merry season!


TXT records improved in Delphinusdnsd

November 27th, 2019

In tomorrows snapshot there will be a change in delphinusdnsd. It was a change that took 2 hours of inspecting, changing the code, and additional 30 minutes was spent to test this. It's not a big change but it for the first time allows multiple TXT records in a dns name.

;; QUESTION SECTION:                                                            
;                   IN      TXT                        
;; ANSWER SECTION:                                                                 86400   IN      TXT     "v=spf1 ip4: ip6:2a01:4
f8:162:1167::2 ~all"                                                               86400   IN      TXT     "My DNS Server is delphinusdnsd 
on kite and trapezoid, I hope this was helpful!"                   
Like so, on the production nameservers kite and trapezoid at Much thanks to a user named PiRATA who lightly prodded this because I'm trying to help with getting DKIM records going. This is likely the last "major" change that I'M willing to do for this until 1.4, unless something urgent pops up.


Remotelog to be removed for 1.4

November 25th, 2019

Remotelog was added in June 28, 2011 and thus is over 8 years old. It's time to remove it as since then syslog on openbsd has been improved a lot. The OpenBSD syslogd got TCP support in december 2014 and improved since then. So our remotelog was much older and is superfluous now. On top of that it used SHA1 HMAC which is outdated. I'll do the changes this week.


Thanks PiRATA!

November 20th, 2019

PiRATA is someone from Portugal I think who I helped getting delphinusdnsd going on IRC. It was a pleasure, learning what the issues were. One thing that stood out is, that 1.3 is quickly becoming old. Although the 1.4 release is still five weeks away, I'd recommend anyone going to try out this daemon, to use a snapshot. What you're seeing in the snapshots right now is basically 1.4 without testing and minor bug fixes. I'd say PiRATA was an advanced user hence going through the configfile issues was easy. I'm still trying to make it easier for a newbie, any feedback is welcomed.


Delphinusdnsd Replicant is in Production

November 19th, 2019

As a test I have put delphinusdnsd in replicant mode on This is a bold move and I hope nothing breaks. I'm looking forward to running this indefinitely until the 1.4 release at which point I'll update it. As a backup I have an NSD on but it lacks an IPv6 address.


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