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News regarding the funding of next year - FAIL

November 29th, 2023

From: Prototype Fund                                     
Subject: Deine Bewerbung f??r den Prototype Fund - Runde 15                     
Liebe*r Bewerber*in,                                                            
der Auswahlprozess der 15. Runde des Prototype Fund wurde mit der               
Jurysitzung nun abgeschlossen und wir k??nnen dir die Entscheidung              
mitteilen: Leider geh??rt dein Projekt nicht zu den zur F??rderung              
ausgew??hlten Projekten.                                    
It doesn't really phase me though, right now I'm feeling really good I've been doing a lot of self-help therapy such as meditation, and I'm not letting it destroy me.

So I'm going to figure out a rough outline of TODO for next year for 1.9. Perhaps I can lack getting some features in this year and work on them next year.


Release pushed to the 22nd of December

November 27th, 2023

There is too much going on in my life which prevented me from coding. So I'm gonna buy some time by moving the release to the 22nd of december. This is a perfect date as it coincides with the december solstice (long nights!). And it's three days before christmas day. So it's a busy december for me.

Lately I have been thinking about what I want to finish in delphinusdnsd, but have been doing more personal healing like meditation and exercise (walking). I hope I can bend my energy around doing more work this year :-). Also if things don't work out in december, there is always a new years release window perhaps. We did this in the past, nothing is static. As long as we get our plans done by mid winter.



November 08th, 2023

I noticed I had another website misconfigured and IP's misconfigured on httpd. It would have given wrong results for the past two days. Sorry.


Release of 1.8 moves to the 8th of December

November 3rd, 2023

I've been invited to an open dialogue with Hubertus Heil the German Minister of Employment and Social Issues, on December 5th. I do plan to attend there even though it is a lengthy conference on that day. The release for delphinusdnsd, thus, is delayed by two days to the 8th of December which is a Friday. Sorry if this causes any inconveniences.


Information is power, delphinusdnsd stays under RADAR

October 21st, 2023

I submitted an article to wikipedia and it was not accepted. This is the reality. I intended to make it well known in december for the 1.8 release but like I told some buddies... I'll probably have to buy advertising to get the word out. Here was the draft at wikipedia. It just seems backwards that an Open Source project is not allowed on an idealistic open source dictionary. Well I'm going closed source for a bit anyhow. Should we open our own dictionaries?


A softer ratelimit violation refusal

October 20th, 2023

Today I wrote code to send a truncate reply (size is as much as question), on UDP when a ratelimit is in effect. I'm forcing these to TCP instead of just dropping. It will be less energy intensive on the resolvers part if these are legitimate packets. If unlegitimate packets I do not believe a TCP query will be done. Also someone being a reflection target will be able to discern what is happening by seeing a truncate reply after a large payload set of replies.


CERT RR support

October 20th, 2023

Yesterday I checked in CERT RR support. One down, two RR's to go and I fulfilled this weeks code. I will probably code today as I have some more ideas.


7 weeks until 1.8 release

October 16th, 2023

There is roughly 7 weeks left in the development cycle. I have plans to do about 1 feature per week on average so there is 7 more things to come. I'm currently working on CERT RR, but there is 2 more RR's that will make it before release time. So there is 4 more things that I could be adding or improving.

I'm also patiently waiting out the jury on the prototypefund whether I'll get funding for TKEY and DNS Updates next year. The decision will be made in early december 2023, so I'll know more around release time of 1.8. Let's pretend they fund me 19K EUR for the period between march and october 2024, I would be more than happy with that. I also know what I'll buy with some of the money that i don't need to live. It will be a tesla powerwall for my apartment in order to participate in the green revolution that's partaking in Germany. If everything works out, I'll have the tesla powerwall in mid september 2024.

My apartment is on the north side of my building so I don't get enough sunlight for installing a balcony kraftwerk (powerplant). But using electricity wisely for periods when there is a lot of solar electricity makes societal sense. It would offload the grid and I'd pay the investment off in around 10 years by means of savings. Coupled with a electricity provider like "" for example. Even if i don't get funding I'm gonna try to persue this for next year. It would rock!

So that's the plans.


Caught up with sysadmin stuff

October 10th, 2023

The raspberry pi 4b is on my desk and the starfive visionfive 2 is my router. This is what I wanted since summer. Unfortunately I'm sorta 10 days behind where I wanted to be. I have some uncommitted code that I need to finish and then at least we have 1 more RR. It's the CERT RR. I'll probably start with that again tomorrow afternoon as I have some stuff to do in the morning. I'm looking forward to the energy savings with this setup too.


Ed448 algorithm 16 support will not be this year

October 3rd, 2023

On August 31st, 2023 libressl released libressl 3.8.1. Unfortunately my hopes that they include Ed448 algorithms weren't implemented. So for 2024 there won't be an algorithm 16. Maybe next year for the 2025 release (1.9.x). Now I tried bribing OpenBSD a little by pledging money, which I've paid, but they don't work like that. Too bad I already overpaid it by 55 EUR otherwise I wouldn't pay that pledge. :P. One can only hope for next year.


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