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Pledged 5 EUR on for LibreSSL ED448

June 7th, 2023

I pledged 5 EUR if LibreSSL team implements ED448 which is used for alg 16 in DNSSEC. The value of this is almost ridiculous but I can't afford more currently. The timing for this call for this feature is almost perfect since the new OpenBSD release is in roughly 4 months and the 1.8 delphinusdnsd release is in end of november/early december. Also since LibreSSL implemented ED25519 framework, the concept of ED448 is just using a different ED algorithm and a bit of copy pasting I gather, I just need ED448_keypair(3), ED448_sign(3) and ED448_verify(3) similar to the ED25519 equivalents found in the X25519(3) manpage.


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