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Next week going to test an ED25519 (RFC 8080) patch

June 3rd, 2023

It's wonderful that it's not too hot, I was able to code a little for two hours today. I made a patch to implement (without testing) ED25519 algorithm (15) for signing. However my main workstation is sleeping and I'm not home so I can't commit it just yet. I might just test it first before committing as well. Much thanks to LibreSSL project for making this API available!. While I was there I removed algorithm 7 (RSA-SHA1-NSEC3), so what this means is that if you use dddctl to sign with algorithm 7 you will have to change the algorithm at 1.8 release time. What I'm doing is switching off alg 13 from my test zone some time this weekend and then give algorithm 15 to it. Hope it works without much fiddling around.


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