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Added RFC 7043 (EUI48 and EUI64) support

May 9th, 2022

Over the weekend I put in RFC 7043 support. It seemed pretty easy and I did it over 2 days. I hope I didn't forget anything it seemed a little too easy, but dddctl query support works, axfr works, raxfr works, querying eui48 and eui64 works and it appears in any queries. In logs I also noticed it is logged. Signing eui48/64 works. So perhaps I didn't forget anything.

This work was inspired by Lory (an ex-schoolmate) who appeared in a dream of mine and asked me to put this support in. With the DNS Updates delphinusdnsd will have the functionality that she described to me in the dream. I know it's weird that I dream about the DNS server. Anyhow, the idea is that MAC addresses can now be put into delphinusdnsd and reading the RFC 7043 one case of Canadian Cable ISP's doing it is mentioned.


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